Jermaine Clarke aka Astro Mega is an energetic versatile producer, who is inspired

by jazz music, old school Hip Hop to horror movies.  It’s reflected in his 

success of the underground 2014 single “CrossRoads” and the 2012 EP 

release “Craigslist”

“CrossRoads” features Toronto producer Astro Mega (Class of ‘93 and Grind 

House Project) and NewBreedMC. Showing his vision and creativity Astro 

Mega was also the director of the inspiring video for the single. 

“CrossRoads” was part of NewBreedMC’s mixtape titled "Your Mom Likes

My Mixtape" the first single “CrossRoads” was released in 2014 and spent 

many weeks on the Hip Hop Canada feature charts. “Get the Feeling Back

ft. Crooklin of Smash Brovas &Yancy Deron was the 4th track on an EP, 

and “Trapped Inside” was the last track on a 9 song EP, for the Pasadena 

California MC, Craig Gillespie’s who released his notable 2014 EP 

“Craigslist”.  The project utilized 4 remarkable producers to unify the 

continent with their production and recordings. 

Astro Mega started producing and gracing singers, MC’s and poets by the age 

of 16. In 2011, the enthusing producer released a collaborated album “Class

of ‘93” produced and arranged by Astro Mega. In 2012, Astro Mega released 

three projects the solo album “Awesome”, a collaborated album “Project-

GHP is like” an instrumental album titled “Megamentals Vol 1”. On the 

same album "Awesome" Astro Mega produced the critically acclaimed “Soul

Runner” “Soul Runner” won best Canadian Song of the year for 2013 recognized by 

The Plug FKA Backroad Radio and college radio station CHRY. 

Astro Mega diligently releases material in 2013 he released “Megamentals

Vol 2”, in the fall of 2014 circulated “Solar Excursions”, in 2015 Astro 

Mega released the instrumental version of “Solar Excursions” and his 

anticipated project “Fast Black”

Astro Mega currently uses Maschine Mikro 2 and Reason to create the music 

his supporters look forward to hearing. In 2014 Astro Mega performed at 

Subtle Blend and has been fortunate to tour across Canada with iconic Hip 

Hop MC Masta Ace and the GrindHouse Project on “The son of Yvonne

Tour” in 2013.

When asked about his goals and ambitions on production that inspires people 

Astro stated, “When it comes to sampling, I’m like a kid with a brand new 

Lego set,” he says. “I play with samples like kids play with toys. I dive right 

in and don’t care when it comes to reading the instructions,” he laughs